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    Business Ethics - Teleological Ethical Frameworks

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    What are teleological ethical frameworks? List and explain the three teleological ethical frameworks.

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    Teleological ethical frameworks focus on explaining the conduct of individuals from a philosophical perspective. Teleological frameworks focus on the results of the conduct of the individual. These frameworks focus on the ramifications, positive and negative, resulting from the actions and conduct of individuals.

    There are three teleological ethical frameworks:

    1. Ethical Egoism
    2. Utilitarianism
    3. Sidgwick's dualism

    Ethical egoism is based on the belief that every individual should act in a way to promote his own self-interest. Derived from the Latin word ego, which is defined as one's self, ethical egoism allows self-interests to play a role ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of the three teleological ethical frameworks using examples. Egoism, utilitarianism and Sidgwick's Dualism is discussed and applied to an example for further clarity.