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How Research Is Used for Evaluation

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Please help with the following questions:

1. Can you describe how research and evaluation can be used by the Veterans Administration regarding the recent issue on the extreme delays of veterans receiving medical appointments.
2. How could this problem be addressed by research and how this could benefit the organization.
Please provide scholarly references.

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1.Can you describe how research and evaluation can be used by the Veterans Administration regarding the recent issue on the extreme delays of veterans receiving medical appointments.
Research and the evaluation of the processes in place can help identify the problems and causes through data and observation methods. Research works to examine things in a structured environment with goals established and bias acknowledged. Research gives the researcher the opportunity to form hypotheses and test them dependent on the needs. Does the study ...

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This solution of 350 words provides a short review of the help research can offer to the Veterans Administration problems. It also discusses strategies on how research could benefit the Veterans Administration. References used are included.

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