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    Adaptive Leadership

    Leaders should know and understand that change is continually happening. Understanding change, this can lead to painful learning especially when other co-workers are reluctance to change. As changes occur within the organization/industry, I believe that one needs to connect change to the organizations core values in order to be

    Adaptive Leadership and Organizational Change

    As I just learned about leading organizational change within the movie and news paper industry while using Kotter's eight step method, I realize that a leader/manager will need some form of adaptive leadership to move each of the industries forward. What type of adaptive leadership will one need in order to effectively accomplis

    The Future of Internet Publishing

    For this Discussion Question you will need to conduct some research on the topic "What is the future of Internet Publishing?" Read the case, "New York Times: Seeking Salvation within a Declining Industry" on page 619-629. As you are reading this case think about these questions: 1.What are the pros and cons of Internet publishi

    Threats to Dell's global Business

    Problem What are the major operational threats Dell's logistics functions face as a result of global terrorism? Identify mitigation strategies that could help secure domestic and global supply chains. Assess the impact of global terrorism on logistics. Discuss the major operational threats Dell's logistics functions face as a

    The Constitution And The Original Meaning

    This week we examined two different ways of interpreting the Constitution. Using one or the other as a basis, make a case for or against the constitutionality of Roe v. Wade. State clearly from the beginning which school of thought you are flowing, then take a position, and finally show how your school of thought on constitution

    Free Speech By Corporations

    Please respond to the following discussion topic and submit it to the discussion forum. Your initial post should be 75-150 words in length. Then, make at least two thoughtful responses to your fellow students' posts. Should we as a group of students be allowed to form a small corporation with the express purpose of running ad

    Historic Value Of Affirmative Action

    Does affirmative action help or hurt those who have historically experienced discrimination? Some would say it condemns those it is trying to help to not gaining the skills to move up. Others say the wall - or the glass ceiling - is just too hard to break through for any kind of equality to be achieved. What do you think?

    Stakeholders and Sustainability Analysis

    1. How would you identify organization stakeholders and how to conduct a stakeholder analysis for American Red Cross? 2. How can you evaluate the organization from multiple sustainable perspectives, including financial considerations, positive community outcomes, and innovation. Thanks for any assistance. Also can you provid

    Leading Organizational Change

    As I understand, one of the basic tasks of an organization's leadership is to lead an organization through the entire change process and support the mechanisms that need to replaced in order to sustain change. 1. How would one apply Kotter's eights steps toward leading change within an organization? 2. Provide an example(s)

    Forecasting in Business

    Many companies use forecasting to determine product/service demand. However, forecasting can be very inaccurate. Some companies report forecast errors as high as 30% - 40%. Your company current uses a time series analysis to predict demand. 1. Do you feel that your company would benefit from using forecasts even if they experie

    Macroeconomic Issues

    a. Assume initially that the economy is in a state of long-run equilibrium. The real GDP equals potential GDP and only natural unemployment exists. Now suppose that consumer confidence plummets and the aggregate demand decreases. What will happen to the general price level (P) and the real GDP (Y) in the short run? Why? What wil

    Coca-Cola Customer Personally Identifiable Information

    Please provide a new customer strategy for Coca-Cola. Include guidelines for the following: - Customer Data and Privacy - Identifying Individual Customers - Relevant Customer Data - Data Collection Limits - Internal Data Sharing - Assuring Privacy Please also add reference:

    History of Strategic Management

    First we will collectively construct a historical timeline of the contemporary era of strategic management. Use the table below to see which ten-year period you will be considering. Then identify and research a theorist or major contributor to strategic management or strategic planning in that ten-year period. Post the results o

    Importance of Trade

    Trade is significant to most countries. Pick a country. Communicate three reasons why globalization and trade are significant for the country. Provide a specific example or illustration to explain why each reason is significant. As always, please provide references to support your efforts.

    Covered California Website: Navigating the Site

    Browse the California Health Insurance Exchange Website, Covered CA: http://www.coveredca.com/. States are supposed to make these websites user friendly. Do you think this website is appropriate for a person who reads at the eighth-grade level (the typical public health standard)? If yes, why? If not, how do you think this ca

    Core Competencies for Developing Sustainable Success

    Building core competencies is important to developing sustainable success for an organization. Respond to the following: •What criteria must organizational capabilities satisfy for them to become core competencies? •How does building core competencies add value to an organization? •Why is it important to build flex

    Strategic planning for non profits

    1.Can you provide an explanation of ethical, financial, and cultural benefits and limitations of organizational strategic planning. Include how ever-changing stakeholders might impact the strategic plan (associated with American Red Cross) 2. Can you evaluate the organization from multiple sustainable perspectives, including f

    Empowering the Employees for Better Performance

    After reading an Todd's (2014) article "Get your employees to work like nobody's watching," I realize that leaders need to improve teams performance through empowering their employees. As described in the article, how would one implement such ideas into an organization and/or implement the changes in a team in order to maximize

    Team Effectiveness and Leadership

    Due to my limited experience and exposure to the business industry, can someone give me a readers digest version of when they were a member of a team that performed poorly. Why was the team lacking its effectiveness? How was the leader not able to get the team to perform? Also, what measures were implement in order to address su

    Health Care Strategic Initiatives

    How will the health care industry continue to research, develop, and coordinate strategic initiatives concerning policy changes from the federal government? Please include references.

    Public Policy and Research

    How do public policy and research play an integral role in defining overall healthcare quality outcomes?

    Red Cross Goals and Stakeholders

    1.Can you describe the Red Cross stakeholders and it's, short-term goals (1-4 years), mid-terms goals (5-14 years), and long-term goals (15-20 years). 2.Can you explain what your feel your role as a stakeholder would be and why this organization would be important personally and professionally 3. Explain how you, as a stak

    Measuring and Developing Healthcare Criteria

    Explain the importance of measurement and developing criteria for efficiency, effectiveness, performance, efficacy, and quality in health organizations. Why is this important to health leader evaluation?

    Things an MBA taught me

    Which concepts and ideas will be most useful to you with an MBA, and how do you think you will apply them? How has what you have learned in the MBA program changed your perspective on business? Your perspective generally?

    Southwest Airlines: Human Resources and Mission Statement

    Write a paper on Southwest Airlines which include the following: Describe the organization, what it does, the customers it serves, and its size. Research the organization's mission statement. Discuss the role HR will play (or does play) in fostering the organization's mission statement. Assess the common HR challenges

    Bad customer service from refrigerator maker

    Think of a time when a company did not process an order or perform a service for you in a timely manner. 1. What was your reaction? 2. What actions did the company take to correct the situation? 3. What actions would you have liked for the company to take? 4. Discuss possible reasons why the company was not able to complete