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Quasi experimental use for VA issues

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Why would quasi-experimental be a good evaluation design for the Veterans Health Administration that's having scandalous issues with veterans receiving medical appointments. Could you provide the validity and reliability for this evaluation design.

Would you provide scholarly sources to review?

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This solution provides a brief review of why quasi experimental is a good research method choice for understanding the issues with the VA.

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Quasi experimental is an excellent choice because it removes the random testing parameters required in many research formats and replaces it in a way that accounts for not only the patient level needs, but how to change things at the systems level. The complex nature of the VA is a perfect format for this type of research. Quasi experiment includes pretest and post test for results as well. It also helps with assessing variables that are not comparable, which is one of the questions posed about the validity of the research method internally.

This method then takes into account groups and allows the researcher to assign using criteria other than ...

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