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    Obamacare: Pre-Existing Conditions

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    What is the rationale on how did the elimination of pre- existing conditions as criteria for non-coverage effect the public. Also why is this question relevant to public administration, public policy or nonprofit management.

    Please provide scholarly references to review please. Thanking you in advance.

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    The elimination of pre-existing conditions as criteria for non-coverage has affected the public. The insurers first take into account the health status of prospective customers when determining their premiums. In this case apart from demographic factors, the insurers in some cases consider medical history. Also, they deny coverage of pre-existing conditions for a fixed period of time after the customer enrolls (a). The rationale from the perspective of insurers is that if the customer buys insurance only ...

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    This solution explains the evaluation of elimination of pre- existing conditions as criteria for non-coverage. The sources used are also included in the solution.