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    US HealthCare Policy / ObamaCare or Affordable Health Care Act

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    Provide an analysis of the policy issues surrounding the health care policy issue that we've selected. Describe how the health care policy issue we've selected is related to policymaking from different global perspectives, including social, economic, business, and cultural.

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    The United States is a large nation and any major policy changes will surely affect the rest of the world. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) also commonly known as ObamaCare is a good example of this phenomenon.
    Although it may sound odd to relate the Americans' domestic health insurance policy to the world, we have to remember that health care is a global product as we all purchase medicines and equipment from all over the world. Therefore, any change in the healthcare policy in a large and powerful country such as America, can greatly impact the whole world. Changes in medical procedures, medical equipment, and medicines will affect the manufacturers and suppliers located in other countries.
    ACA has generated additional IT contracts that can support the upgrade of the Medicaid information systems and streamlining of their processes. In effect, there will be more new positions for skilled workers in order to fulfill the mandate. There will be a need for additional jobs such as IT professionals, customer service, health care exchange navigators, etc. With India and other Asian countries known for their IT and call center skills, it is most likely that projects will be outsourced from them and this is where ObamaCare can affect the global employment sector.
    ObamaCare motivates insurance companies to keep premium costs low while they compete for newly-insured Americans. One of the strategies ...

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    The global impact of ObamaCare (social, economic, cultural, business) is determined. The US healthcare policy/ObamaCare as compared with other countries' healthcare is analyzed.
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