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    Stakeholders, Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategy

    Please help selecting a familiar firm with and identify its stakeholders. Why is such identification critical to effective strategy formulation and implementation? Explain. and What is the relationship among vision, mission, values, and strategy? Why is this important? Discuss the roles of vision and mission in determinin

    Trends, Evaluation, Research and Tools Provided in School

    1. Can you explain some strategies you would use to present your result to an intended audience so as CEO's, provider relations, patient advocate etc in a healthcare setting 2. What do you think are the most important future trends in the field of research and evaluation. Explain how the skills and insights may help to promote

    Corporate Accounting - Indirect Cash Flow Statement

    The following information is available for Jacqui's Jewelry store: Net Income $ 5,000 Depreciation 2,500 Increase in deferred tax liabilities 500 Decrease in accounts receivable 2,000 Increase in inventories 9,000 Decrease in accounts payable 5,000 Increase in accrued liabilities 1,000 Increase in property and e

    Ethics and Cyberstalking

    Think about the potential ethical dilemma we may face on a managerial duty in the context of using or inventing Information Technology. How do we determine what are right and wrong regarding our decision? I am looking for a response with regards to cyberstalking. Please provide examples

    Project Management Evaluation

    Recommend one method the PM team could use to evaluate and determine users' attitudes regarding the project and propose one approach that the PM team can use to 'ask the right questions'

    Issues of change in a company

    List at least four reasons why an organization implements change. What obstacles make implementing change more difficult? What actions or processes can a good change manager remove, alleviate, or implement to offset these obstacles? Identify a major change that needs to occur at an organization of your choice. As a change leader

    Analysis of The Container Store

    1. How does open systems theory apply to the Container Store? 2. Review the (11) different OD models presented by Falletta, S. V. (2013) Organizational diagnostic models: an integrative review & synthesis. Organizational Intelligence Institute (www.oi-institute.com). a. Now that you've considered the background and the stren

    Transformational leadership and subordinates

    Explain the concept of transformational leadership. In what ways do transformational leaders affect subordinates? Provide an example of a transformational leader you have worked for or one you have read about.

    The corrosive effects of power

    With great power come great temptations to abuse it for one's own benefit. History is littered with the debris of leaders who turned out to have feet of clay. But does it have to be that way? Men and women of virtue have held high office without succumbing to such temptations—or have they? In this Debate, you will consider the

    Stress and illness

    Have you ever developed a cold, a cold sore, or another illness after a particularly stressful time in your life, such as after a move, during the holidays, or after meeting a deadline? Do a little research to explain what component of the stress response interacts with our immune system to allow this to happen. Give an examp

    Binary Logistic Regression or OLS

    In your opirion can you provide and explanation of whether OLS regression or binary logistic regression is more appropriate Also would you explain how you would use the selected analysis, and justify why this type of regression analysis is most appropriate. References would be highly appreciated to review.

    Bureacracy and Control in the Workplace

    Discuss the problems associated with bureaucratic control. Describe a situation in which you have worked in an organization under bureaucratic control or a situation that you know about where bureaucratic control is used. What do you feel would change in the organization if the bureaucratic control was changed to a control syste

    Risky and Safe Investments

    Identify a "risky" and a "safe" investment and provide rationale to justify your choices. Also, discuss the trade-off of risk and reward between your two investments.

    Capital Structure Management

    see attach file, Also, in 400-600 words, discuss why capital structure management is more an art than a science. with references

    Project, Technology and Management

    Read the attached file. Formulate your individual evaluation, it should specify: 1. Does the project serve as a good starting point to their planned change? 2. Identify its weaknesses and strengths and explain why you identify them as such. Whenever possible, propose suggestions for improvements. 3. Identify potential op

    Stress and infertility

    Stress has been related to low fecundity (reproductive success) in all animal populations. Evolutionarily, the stress pathway that enables prey to escape predators and animals to evade danger can have harmful effects when activated over long periods of time. In populations of animals, limited resources and low nutrition trigger

    Conflict and resolution

    Important strategists such as classical China's Sun Tzu and early modern Europe's Clausewitz stressed that wise leaders must understand conflicts as they unfold. It is not enough to be involved in strife; the chance of a successful resolution is much higher if you can understand what started it, how it proceeded and how it ended

    Proposals for training and development

    Create a comprehensive training proposal for the business that includes the following; 1. Analyze key elements of training and development geared toward improving the performance of the specific small business for which you are consulting. 2. Predict three to five (3-5) potential challenges that the managers or ow

    Online Purchase vs. Brick and Mortar Purchase

    Describe a recent online purchase and a recent brick and mortar purchase. Discuss how the three resource costs of time, monetary, and energy/paycheck affected your decision to purchase each.

    Organizational Leaders and Investment Decisions

    As an organizational leader investing your company's cash, would you choose stocks, bonds, or derivatives for investment purposes? Please explain in detail why you chose to invest in the financial method you selected. Please make sure you take into account the current economic environment both in the U.S. and worldwide economy.

    Stress and the female reproductive system

    Now that you have reviewed the anatomy and physiology of reproduction, let's continue to investigate the influence of the stress response on human reproductive function. We will begin by investigating the interactions between hormones responsible for regulating female reproductive cycles and the stress hormones. First read so

    Size of a Project: How Big is Too Big?

    A folk proverb warns: 'Too many cooks spoil the broth'. Particularly in a small kitchen, there is almost no way around this problem. There are too many people working with not enough room, not enough tools and usually not enough time to do the job the best it can be done. But is this always the way that it works in industry? In

    Modernising Structure

    Old buildings can be terrific structures. In some cases, they may possess a level of craftsmanship lacking in many modern constructions. In others, they may possess an important historical significance. However, if the buildings were constructed before the age of electricity, renovators must make certain modifications to keep th

    Recommendations, Conclusions and Descriptive Statistics

    1. Can you explain how you might disseminate conclusions and recommendations for the elimination of pre-existing conditions as criteria for non-coverage that affect the public? Can you provide examples to support your explanation? What would you do to ensure that your stakeholders clearly understand your recommendations and are

    Choosing between alternative solutions to a business problem

    1. Describe in detail a problem at work, persuading and convincing the reader that it needs fixing. 2. Provide a detailed description of two (2) possible solutions ("alternatives") that could be implemented to resolve the problem identified in Question 1. 3. Describe five (5) criteria that you will use to measure the w

    The Gut-brain

    Define the terms enteric nervous system and microbiome. Then read the article about the Gut-brain axis: How the microbiome influences anxiety and depression by Foster and Neufeld (2013) in Trends in Neuroscience. Explain how our microbiome contributes to digestion and how microbes can activate pathways in the CNS. How does this

    Using an Application to Build a Resume

    Register and initiate a focused job search using industry key words and archive results using Fresh Transitions Use Optimal Résumé to complete two specific activities: the résumé builder and interview preparation. Conduct a practice interview either on your own (using flashcards with prepared questions). Then develop a we

    Stress and the digestive system

    We will investigate the effects of stress on the digestive system, including its effect on *regulating blood sugar levels. As you can see, dysregulation of blood sugar levels can cause metabolic problems and unusually high or low blood sugar levels, such as in diabetes. View the trends for **diabetes in America demonstrated in t

    Stress and the heart

    Explain: 1. Which factors contributed to an increase in HR, and 2. Which factors contributed to a decrease in HR Answer the following: 1. What is the risk of stress on the heart? 2. What are the contributions of the nervous system to the increased workload that the heart experiences when an individual is stressed? 3. Do

    Motivation and Incentives in the Workforce

    W. Edwards Deming, often referred to as the leading quality guru in the United States, and psychologist Alfie Kohn support the idea that incentive pay is not a motivator for individuals to do a good job. Yet economists argue that incentive compensation does work and as economist George Baker notes in his 1993 article in the Harv