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    Products section of business plan for kosher restaurant

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    Help me with ideas. I am thinking of writing a business plan for opening a kosher restaurant, possibly gluten free.
    I am seeking help with Solutions Descriptions (Products/Services).

    - Key Solution Descriptions to define your products/services
    - Is there any other existing products and services for the business problems faced.
    - Competitive evaluation of products/services

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    I have outlined some descriptions including some of the rules of kosher food preparation and consumption.

    The menu will include items of high quality kosher food. The company will offer both restaurant meals and catering for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs and other parties. The preparation and purchase of foods will follow the Kashrut as provided within the Torah. This is a specific set of rules, that define the provision, preparation, and consumption of foods considered kosher. The costs of these products are higher, due to the costs of following the specific rules of the Kashrut. Additionally, the kitchen will require more equipment and utensils ...

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    A sample of ideas for the products offered section of a business plan for a kosher restaurant.