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    Marketing Plan for Capstone

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    I, along with 2 partners, are opening an organic restaurant using local farmer products in Leawood, KS.

    Marketing Plan

    The marketing plan should address how you will differentiate your company from competitors. Frame your marketing plan to show potential investors what factors will make your product or service more desirable than those offered by the competition.

    The marketing plan should include:

    1. Review industry size, trends, and target market segment.

    2. A competitive analysis: Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each primary competitor; Consider sales, quality, distribution, price, production capabilities, reputation, and products/services; Identify who leads the industry in terms of:
    - Price
    - Quality
    - Market share
    - Outline how your product or service measures in the area of pricing and identify your competitive advantage.

    3. Prepare a first-year and a 3-year sales forecast in dollars and units.

    4. Briefly outline your sales and advertising plans.

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    //As per our discussion, we will write the marketing plan for an organic restaurant. The first section will talk about the organic restaurant in general, and its business perspective along with the industry analysis. The approach of industry analysis will help to view the exact business perspective for the business.//

    Marketing Plan for an organic restaurant

    With the growing health and environmental concerns worldwide regarding the food we eat, more people are going for the organic food as a substitute. Organic food is the kind of food which is grown without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides. It only uses natural fertilizers that provide it several nutritious benefits. This is the reason why organic foods are finding a place among the growing number of mindsets. Looking at the significant demand for organic foods, we come up with a brand new organic restaurant, 'Eat Fresh'.

    Organic food industry analysis

    The demand for organic food, like many other parts of the world, is gaining momentum in the USA. This makes the organic restaurant industry an emerging industry with a huge market potential. Due to this reason, many of the existing restaurant chains and new entrants have been planning to invest in this market in the recent years. Currently, the organic foods contain a significant shelf space in a number of retail shops all over the USA. According to the United States Department of Agriculture, the marketing boom has resulted in the retail sales of organic foods up to $21.1 billion in 2008 from $3.6 billion in 1997 (AgMRC, 2010).

    Due to the rapid growth of the US organic industry, there is a major shift observed by the economic experts in the types and the numbers of the manufacturers and retailers of the organic food. This has broadened the consumer base for the organic products. There are many retailers that have introduced supermarkets, club stores, big box stores and other outlets ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1186 words with references.