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    Environmental Forces, Cultural Diversity and Opportunity in Global Business

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    1.What are some of the different environmental forces one is likely to encounter in a diverse workplace? What are some of the best responses for managing these forces? Explain your answers

    2. How does cultural diversity affect international business operations? How might a transnational organization best incorporate the various components of its operations to achieve strategic advantage?

    3. How do you search for opportunities for your organization in the global marketplace? What must an organization do to encourage a global climate of innovation?

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    1. Environmental Forces:
    - Costs (such as location of strategic resources, differences in country costs and transportation costs; the value/bulk or value/weight ratio)
    How to Manage:
    Find local alternative sources of raw materials. Global food businesses, like McDonalds, KFC, will find it costly to ship raw materials directly from the US. The idea is to outsource local products to be used as input to the local franchise. This strategy will save time, money, and efforts.

    - Customers (tastes and preferences may vary from country to country)
    How to Manage:
    Be knowledgeable of local cultures, middle east countries are keen on the quality of food they eat. Muslim countries would prefer 'halal' certified food. Israel chooses food with Kosher rating.

    - Government Policies (trade policies, technical standards, regulations)
    How to Manage:
    Local policies, standards, and regulations are instituted so that only quality products are availed of by local consumers. Global products must have the highest quality possible. Japan is known the world over to have the highest standard for ...

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    This solution disccusses three environmental forces encountered in the international work world and how to manage them. There are also discussions on cultural diversity in international business operations and how to search for opportunities and innovation in the global marketplace. 642 words with many sources.