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    Characteristics of self-managed work teams

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    The characteristics of self-managed work teams include the ability of employees to share their expertise with others in the organization, share responsibilities for task among all members of the group, rely equally on fellow team members, and feel empowered to proceed with the project. Most importantly, self- managed work teams must have a common goal that all within the team are conscientiously working to reach. They have a shared mission and established performance standards. It is important that team members trust each other's expertise and work in a manner that lets each employee maximize use of their knowledge and skill to help the team to succeed. Communication is key, and team members must be willing to set performance expectations for each member in order to add accountability (Adams, 2015). Successful self-managed work teams typically have a participative leadership style.

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    //In the contemporary business environment, business organizations are adopting team works for the accomplishment of the aims and objectives; the team process and outcomes are strongly influenced by subgroups. Through this paper, the characteristics of the subgroups and team members are explained //.
    The subgroups consist of different subsets of team members that mainly consists of the degree of interdependence or by the unique form that emerges during the process of team ...

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