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    Labor Management Relations

    Part 1: When management and labor reaches an impasse, they have three options for third-party resolution (mediation, arbitration, and fact-finding). Describe each option as well as when it is best for each to be used. Under what conditions or circumstances it would be best to use each option? Part 2: If labor and management

    Why is IT strategy focused on maintaining cutting-edge technology?

    Provide information on "why an IT strategy focused on maintaining a cutting-edge technology position is the most effective way to support any kind of overall business strategy." Reference Material: Eric Berkman (2001, January 24), Why we're Still Talking About Alignment, CIO Magazine. Retrieved from http://www.cio.com.au/art

    The Future Direction of Digital Transformation

    1. Indicate areas of further research in digital transformation of the traditional business world that would be beneficial. 2. What potential impact might the digital transformation have on the overall state of the field and the future directions of IT for a competitive advantage research in the next 3-5years?

    Creating business value from IT investments

    I'm looking for a (4-5 page) paper discussing "How can organizations create business value from IT investments?" It must contain 3 references. Additional Info for reference: SMITH, H. A., MCKEEN, J. D., & SINGH, S. (2007). DEVELOPING INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY STRATEGY FOR BUSINESS VALUE. Journal of Information Technology Manag

    Digital Transformation of Traditional Business

    Topic: Digital transformation of traditional business 1 State and provide background information for the digital transformation of traditional business. 2 What are the current theories and areas of debate for the digital transformation of traditional businesses? 3 Are there particular industries or technologies that will b

    Global Management, M&A, Corporate Governance, Strategy

    1. How difficult is it for merger and acquisition strategies to create value and which firms benefit the most from M & A activity? 2. What are the incentives for firms to use international strategies? What are the three basic benefits firms can derive by moving into international markets? 3. Explain the rationales for a

    IMF and Tight Monetary Policy

    Do you think the IMF policy of a tight monetary policy and reduced government spending is the appropriate response for nations experiencing a currency crisis? What are the implications for international business? Explain your answer in a well-constructed and cogent response

    Centrally Organized Health Care

    Which countries have a centrally organized and controlled healthcare system? How comprehensive is coverage in each of the countries with a national health service?

    Does Information Technology Matter in the Business World?

    Assume that you are going to make a pitch to your CEO or the head of your organization of a new IT project. It is 2012 and you need to justify why you think such a project deserves investment. Let us know what your opinions are regarding: "Does IT Really Matter and Why? How do your views on this issue help/not help you in mak

    Creating an Ethical Culture

    Describe how organizations can create an ethical culture. Provide an example of a company with a positive ethical culture.

    Analogical reasoning

    Describe the concept of analogical reasoning. Then, considering your last purchase decision, discuss how analogical reasoning could have helped you improve your decision and increase your satisfaction with the product or service that you purchased. Please help me with this. You can use one of your personal examples, it will g

    The Success of Xerox

    Xerox is a very familiar corporate name in the United States. There was a time, however, when the company was faltering and needed to adapt to foreign competition. This exercise will help you see how complex such change can be. 1. Describe its current strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (a SWOT analysis). 2.

    Leadership: Transformational or Transactional

    Part 1 1. What are the differences between in-groups and out-groups? 2. How do quality leader-member exchange relationships influence follower behavior? 3. How does a leader's first impression and perception of a follower influence the quality of their relationship? 4. The development of a high-quality LMX relationship has b

    American Medical Association: Healthcare Improvements

    The American Medical Association has grown to become one of the more powerful professional organizations in the country. Have they used their power for self-interest or for the establishment of a strong healthcare system?

    Innovation and Entrepreneurial spirit

    Why are innovation and entrepreneurial spirit important to market entry or market expansion? Give examples. Use journal articles and cite reference.

    Effective Leadership Styles

    Please help with the following questions: What are the most effective leadership styles? Why are they effective? In your opinion, what are the least effective leadership styles? Explain. Use journal article and cite academic references.

    Lockheed Martin's transportation modes

    Take a look at Lockheed Martin transportation structure and answer the following question: Which type of transportation is most important in Lockheed Martin firm's supply chain? Could Lockheed Martin use a different mix of transportation modes to improve its efficiency?

    Consolidation of Airlines

    1. How does consolidation improve airlines' revenues? How might it improve their costs? 2. Are there any disadvantages to the airlines consolidating? 3. Why do you think Southwest Airlines is (on average) one of the most profitable of the U.S. airlines? Should it attempt to integrate with other airlines? Why or why not?

    Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine.

    Cost-Effectiveness in Health and Medicine I need help in researching and rounding off the topic discussed in the two attached articles. Please review the articles and provide substantial answers to the questions below. Please include at least four primary, peer reviewed articles as references. 1. Critique the two articl

    Management: Teamwork, Leadership, Charisma, and SWOT

    1. Based on the definition of a group versus the definition of a team, have you been a part of a group, a team, or both in your past or current work situations? What do you think are the best parts of working as part of a team? What do you think are the worst parts of working as part of a team? How can you as a manager encourage

    Worldwide Supply Chain

    What are the problems companies face when they expand their supply chain worldwide? What are your suggestions? You should identify at least four problems/issues. You should use at least one additional resource. Make your claims and back them up with information from the reading and your other references. Add some of your own

    Comprehensive SWOT Analysis on Walmart

    Please provide a SWOT analysis for Walmart, which consists of the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Each category should describe the issues that fall under that area. The opportunities and threats should have at least ten items identified for each.

    Manufacturing In-house vs. Outsourcing

    An essential issue in international business is determining which components to manufacture in-house and which to outsource to independent suppliers. Is outsourcing a good idea? Explain your answer in a persuasive way.

    Purchasing Power Parity and Inflation

    the increase in the money supply as being analogous to giving people more money. If the output of goods and services is not growing at a similar rate, inflation will eventually occur. According to PPP Theory, what will happen to the U.S. dollar? Why?

    Cost Optimization

    Referring to the table in the attached table, consider that hiring a driver costs $10 while each machine costs $100. Which method should he use and why? See attachment