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    Fingerprinting for Food Stamps in New York City

    Listen to the National Public Radio Podcast about the Clash over fingerprinting for food stamps. Managers use decision models to assist with decision-making. However, as you know, identifying the correct problem is not always easy and is often the hardest part of the process. Symptoms, opinions of others, and irrelevant dat

    Demand Analysis Briefing and Marketing Campaign

    You are the director of marketing for a regional hospital. The board of directors at your hospital has studied the 2011 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Policies. The alarming statistics quoted in the IOM report stated that "almost 10 percent of infants and toddlers carry excess weight for th

    Personal Experience in Organizational Change

    Can someone explain their own experiences when it came to organizational change, in addition how did this impact you and the organization. Looking back, how could the leadership have done things differently in order to make the transition more successful?

    Organizational Change Tools

    Please help with the following problem: As I understand tools to organizational change, when leaders implement planned changes, they usually do not fully know exactly where they are going even when there were clear and concise instructions to meet the organizations future end state. As I understand the some of the disadvant

    Apple's Fate Under Cook

    With the loss of Steve Jobs, will there be an impact on Apple's primary stakeholder groups: customers, and employees? In you personal opinion, do you think Tim Cook's leadership will change Apple? If so/not explain?

    Leadership & Industry Problems

    Leadership theories have common threads or components that connect them with each other; hence, this is why many leaders find themselves adopting several varied styles or find it appropriate to select a component of one theory to address one problem and yet another component of a different theory to address another problem. What

    Effective Utilization of Organizational Change Models

    There are many various change models an organization can use to help point out some aspects of organizational activities that require attention. What are some other uses of organizational models? Explain if so, or if not?

    Samsung Management Style

    1. Evaluate two (2) key changes in the Samsung's management style from the company's inception to the current day. Indicate whether or not you believe the company is properly managed today. Provide support for your position. 2. Explain senior management's role in preparing the organization for its most recent change. Provide e

    Supportive Communication

    Read the following scenarios and discuss how you would handle each situation. Pay particular attention to the eight attributes of supportive communication. The goal is to resolve each scenario effectively and efficiently through supportive communication. 1. You are the manager of the marketing department for a corporation. Yo

    Product Returns and Supply Chain

    Consider an item you have recently returned. Identify the steps the company would have to go through to return the product back up the supply chain from where you have returned it. What costs do you think would be involved in this process? Is there a way the company can design this reverse logistics process in order to add value

    Supply Chain & Purchasing: CSR

    Please discuss the following: Corporate social responsibility in purchasing and supply chain. Please include scholarly references. Approx 500 to 700 words. Topic Source: Salam, M. A. (2009). Corporate social responsibility in purchasing and supply chain. Journal of Business Ethics:Supplement, 85, 355-370.

    The Business Models

    What are the Pro/Cons with each of the following models: environment-industry-organization contingency, organizational life-cycle, action research model, eight-step approach, appreciative inquiry. Are there similarities/opposing perspectives amongst the afore mentioned models? How many change models are out there?

    Conducting International in Business

    Compare and contrast the culture in the U.S. with Mexico. Discus how you would take into account such differences in your international strategy.

    Keeping Good Volunteers

    Can you describe two benefits of nongoverning volunteer orientation, and two benefits of nongoverning volunteer training. Would you use examples that illustrate why orientation and training are essential to the volunteer program such as the American Red Cross

    Assignment and Rooming - Check-in Check-out - Hospitality Industry

    It's a discussion question - each question is no more than 5 lines. 1.Describe hotel guest(s) with personal traits/attributes that may provide an extreme challenge during the room assignment process and the steps you would take to accommodate him/her/them. 2. Imagine an upscale hotel without bellpersons. Recommend pract

    Challenges in recruiting non-governing volunteers for nonprofit organizations

    Please help with the following problem: Can you describe two challenges that may arise in recruiting non-governing volunteers? Would you also describe the strategies you would use to address these challenges please? It would help if you would provide references for me to view. Thanks for your assistance in advance.

    Factors affecting Amazon and Microsoft

    As I have learned this week, there are many forces/factors that create organizational change such as technology, legislation, consumer demand. I have two corporations that I have seen grow and advanced over the years; one being Amazon.com, and the other is Microsoft. Can you explain (if there is one factor or was there many) w

    Areas of Self-Awareness and Types of Stressors

    The five most critical areas of self-awareness are emotional intelligence, personal values, cognitive style, orientation toward change, and core self-evaluation. *First, describe each of these areas and discuss why they are important to self-awareness and effective managerial performance. *Then discuss which areas you beli

    Changing Mission Statement

    Corporate responsibility may require changing the mission of the company to a 'constrained' wealth maximization. Is it possible for a few firms in the marketplace to shift their objective functions in this way? Please discuss why?

    Setting up New Divisions in Businesses

    The CEO of Always Round Tire has decided to open a battery division. He thinks that batteries would sell well with tires at their outlets AND that Always Round's quality reputation will be transferred to the batteries. Should he set up the new division as a Revenue Center, as a Profit Center, or as an Investment Center?

    Difficult strategy evaluation

    Discuss some of the reasons why strategy evaluation is becoming increasingly difficult with the passage of time. Use atleast 200 words and cite any sources in APA format

    Online Advertising Industry

    online advertising industry Please contact me if you have any suggestions. I am doing a big research on different industries, I am looking for an independent look at the online advertising industry, addressing different aspects of the industry listed below, so that i can compare with my research and opinions. I am offering