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Business Management

Media Influence on the Workplace

Analyze the implications of new media influence on how work is conducted and how management of the work may or may not be impacted. Discuss the implications of commerce in discussing the "new workplace." Please draw on your readings and as well as your experience.

Regulations vs. the Free Market

U.S. businesses spend billions and billions of dollars each year for governmental compliance. Are we over regulating ourselves too heavily? Is it possible to achieve a balance between making a profit and not causing damage to the environment, the general public, or to ensure fairness in hiring and housing and a host of other iss

Three Management Needs: Dominance, Achievement and Affiliation

All managers have individual patterns of needs that center around exercising power (dominance), orienting themselves to tasks (achievement), and relating to their colleagues (affiliation). These needs are clearly essential not just to how the work gets done, but to how managers view their roles and themselves as leaders. And lik

First Mover Last Mover Theories

Discuss the advantages and the disadvantages of the first mover and the last mover theories. Provide an unbiased comparison of the two theories. - Identify at least four advantages and four disadvantages for each theory and comprehensively show how each advantage or disadvantage affects the use of that theory (a minimum of 16

Discussing Baderman Islands

Discuss how you will measure your results and what steps your selected organization will take to ensure continuous improvement. I am writing an innovation process paper and conducting a presentation on a virtual organization called Baderman Island Resort. I would like some ideas for discussing how I can measure results and what


Read Case Study 4 Delivering Enterprise-Wide Decision Support through E-Business Applications, also found in textbook. (ADAPTIVE) Health Management Information Systems In a well-written paper please address the following: 1. How would you respond to the growing demand for a "true" enterprise model in the healthcare system

Management Analysis: Governmental Entities MD&A

In regards to government entities, the MD&A should provide an objective and easily read analysis of the government's financial activities based upon currently known facts, decisions or conditions. Two questions: 1. What does "easily read" mean? 2. In your opinion, do government entities often make their public records a bi

Explaining Leadership and Change Management

You are the director of a department in an organization and have been chosen to implement a change initiative. As part of creating a plan to implement the change, you want a strategy to ensure that your followers perceive you as a leader rather than as a manager. Describe your strategy and why you believe this strategy will be e

Business Ethics: Management

1. Give a definition of ethical business behavior, explain the components involved in making ethical decisions, and give an example from your personal experience of the difficulties involved in making these determinations. 2. To demonstrate that you understand the three models of management ethics—moral, immoral, and amor

computer database

Can you Describe your idea for a database along with your thoughts for a partitioned view. How would you use this partitioned view? How would you perform updates on a partitioned view and what is required? What benefits do you see with this partitioned view? What would be some considerations for a design team in planning

Global Management Factors

I need assistance to find specific skills and knowledge that is critical to the success of global managers and also assistance in developing an education plan for managers to acquire the needed knowledge and skills. Globalization involves the organization wide-development of a global perspective. Part of this global perspect

Information Systems Management Discussion

Information system Management Kroenke, D. M. (2013). Using MIS (5th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall. 1. List and briefly explain the five-component model of an information system. How can you use them? 2. Why is MIS one of the most important courses for a business student? 3. Briefly describe your role as an

Discuss: Market Segmentation

Write about the Disney company and discuss market segmentation within that industry along with the target market for the company and the selection process for that target market.  Include demographic, psychographic, geographic, and behavioral characteristics for the selected company. Also include a positioning statement fo

still on time restraint need some help

You have just left a meeting with your CEO in which he said that the firm would be branching out to a number of different countries around the world. You felt obligated to discuss this important decision with Jane, your HR director, as she will now be overseeing HR activities for the firm around the globe instead of just at your

Solve: Overseas Expansion

The CEO has asked you and Jane to create a chart that he might use as part of his decision process in deciding what countries in which to locate overseas factories. He also wants an accompanying recommendation summary from an HR perspective. Prepare a 6-column, 5-row chart for the following countries and parameters: Columns (

Communication Challenges and Conflict Management

As you continue to develop in your career, you will find that your responsibilities as a leader will increase. You will be tasked with many different jobs, such as managing conflict, handling communication challenges among your team members, or addressing organizational communication needs. As you know, no employee likes to spea

Discussing the Management of Diversity in the Workplace

As a manager of a diverse workforce with multiple religions, cultures, and ethnic groups represented, how would you ensure that Society of Human Resource Management's core value of fairness and justice is not violated in the workplace?


Examine two relevant and emerging statutes, such as the Fraud Enforcement Recovery Act and the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA), and discuss their impact on health care fraud control.


Research and discuss how information systems have evolved, how they might evolve in the future, and how these changes affect health care today.

Management vs. Leadership Discussion

As described in Exhibit 1.3 on page 16, Management and Leadership are both essential but include different qualities and activities. Managers and leaders are not inherently different types of people. Many managers possess abilities and qualities to be effective leaders. As well, leadership cannot replace management--it is in add


Imagine you are the Chief Information Officer for a healthcare organization. Discuss whether you would continue use of standardize codes for referencing medical data and support your position with at least two references.


Collaborative software tool " Adobe Acrobat," discuss what the tool does and the creative and/or collaborative possibilities it opens up, including the implications for human thought processes, compared to creative and collaborative processes that preceded the digital era. In a well-written paper of 600-800 words no plagiaris

Buss: Negotiations

1. Explain the interventions and procedures required such as arbitration or mediation. 2. Describe the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA) in this negotiation. 3. Evaluate the theoretical models, methods, sources of power, and analytical procedures required to be utilized in the negotiation process. 4. Exami

Inventory Fraud

Inventory accounting is a good place for fraudulent behavior. Think about the accounting principles and practices related to inventory and list one way that fraudulent behavior might take place. Be very specific. Create one way to reduce the risk of this fraudulent behavior in the business.

Business Management and Facility Expansion

The Uniform and Linen Leasing Company (U&L) expansion plans include building a manufacturing facility in a small town in Alabama to manufacture cleaning products as well as perform research and development for new products. By locating their facility in this town, U&L will receive substantial tax benefits in return of providing

Lack of Change Management

In our experience, change management planning often receives less attention than conversion planning. Why do you think this happens? (graduate level)

Employee Grievance

You asked Jane to meet you for an early morning breakfast because she seems to be getting overwhelmed with the number of grievances your firm incurs. You want to share your thoughts with her on the following: How employee/supervisor disagreements were handled in the nonunion environments she has experience in, both prior to the

Managed Health Care

Describe and evaluate the strategies that a managed care organization can use to involve physicians in managed care processes.