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    Organizations as Systems of Power

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    Organizations have been defined as "systems of power." Explain what this means. Give examples and include references in your 250 word response.

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    Organizations are composed of leaders. The managers themselves must have the characteristics of a leader - that is they must have the ability to influence others to perform toward the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. To Robbins and Coulter (2004), this ability to influence work actions or decisions is considered as power.
    A system is defined further by Robbins and Coulter (2004) as a set ...

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    In this report, it was emphasized that organizations are considered as systems that are composed of interrelated parts. Such parts are equivalent to departments, sections, or units. Each part is led by managers who, in order to be effective, must have the leadership skills which is the power or the ability to influence others toward performance. In addition to the power that must be possessed by managers, the organization as a whole must have the power ( or influence) over its stakeholders - the buyers, investors, and the suppliers ( both of funds and raw materials) in order to remain in business.