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    Law and Government Branches

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    There are various types of criminal justice organizations such as correctional facilities, police organizations, courts of law, and offices of law.

    All these criminal justice organizations do not get along peacefully. Corrections professionals get frustrated when the district attorney's office over criminalizes one offense or the other in an election year. Police often accuse corrections personnel of being bleeding hearts. The courts often think the police are too arrogant to follow rules and procedures. Of all the corrections professions, Probation officers are probably the best well-rounded employees of the criminal justice system because they are trained in court work, corrections, and police work.

    What do you think can be done to reduce the disjuncture between these agencies? Do you think that the unbalanced distribution of power is a reason for unfriendliness between these organizations? How and why?

    How do you think courts of law perceive their power in comparison with police organizations? Provide suggestions that would help level out the power inequality between different criminal justice organizations.

    Use references.

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    While it's not possible to refer to any of the material you've been accessing through your course, it is possible to express a rational opinion regarding factious branches in the criminal justice system. The fact is that there is no perfect system of justice, and even the best one on Earth still has points of failure. This "disjuncture" is more a lack of awareness of the entire system, as ...

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    A brief take on the current criminal justice system, particularly in regard to the separate branches and their powers, is discussed in brief with an eye towards public influence.