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Managing Risk as a Project Manager

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Asking your fellow project managers to provide input on the risk-management approach. Responsible for the following:
-To refresh the project managers' memories, provide them with a condensed statement of the problem that you are addressing.
-Additionally, provide them with the bulleted list of the impacts on the organization.
-Through your research, you must determine how you intend to manage the risks on this project.
-Provide them with a work breakdown structure (WBS) that captures the high-level activities for the project.
-Additionally, identify your basic risk-management methodology and the categories of risk that will need to be addressed.

Include the following items to fellow project managers:
-A condensed statement of the problem being addressed and where in the organization it exists
-A list of the impacts on the organization if the problem is not resolved
-The method to be used in analyzing and managing risks
-A WBS with all of the highest level activities
-The categories of risk that will be addressed

Please read attached document..background information...

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A review into project management initiatives for success by outlining possible risks. 1121 words with references.

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Hope you are well.

-To refresh the project managers' memories, provide them with a condensed statement of the problem that you are addressing.

Focus on the main objective in the problem within the project that reflects an underlying need to redirect resources, in order, to accomplish project initiative. In the case study example, the main issue is in relations towards conflict between departments unwilling to working towards a synergy of commitment for excellence. In the beginning the project planning is only sufficient and productive with initial pre-assessment to the types of teams required to facilitate the project towards completion. In the rush for project starting and leading to project completion, the opportunity is lost on regards to rather creating the activities required from project scope initiatives. Therefore, in assessment an organization should conduct mandatory analysis on existing or possibilities of issues that prevents in progression the project forward, such as, the personality differences with department leads of management or employee's scheduled days on the actual project.

Try and assess core elements in reference to the element of organization currently causing the conflict - that a restructuring of work teams deems more productivity to moving the project forward. The focus on identification of the element of issues within the organization should hone as the main component for refreshing the project manager's core memories of the condensed statement of relevance. In doing so, the conflicts in the production department entail lack of an increasing element of comprising to rendering a lasting relationships between individuals and groups within the organization to focusing on nonissues related to possible delays in deliveries (deliverables). The project is imperative on cooperation and requires department heads ...

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