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Analyze Relationships among Organizational Culture, Project Structure and Project Resources

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Can you please suggest an organization in which it would be possible to analyze the relationships among organizational culture, project structure, and project resources. I need it explained to me how projects are selected and structured within the organizational culture and a description of how the challenges in acquiring resources to complete the projects and steps the organization takes to assess risks. I need it explained to me how to make recommendations for improvement.

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The solution contains an analysis of the relationships among organizational culture, project structure and project resources.

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The question wants you to select an organization, analyze the relationships among the organizational culture, project structure, project resources and then make recommendations for improvement. For your convenience, I have selected FEDERAL EXPRESS because you can find all the facts on the company website.

There are several assumptions which the question makes, first the question assumes that there is a fixed relationship between organizational culture and project structure, this is not supported by evidence, the relationship changes from project to project and depends on the importance and the size of the project. Second, the question assumes that there is an intrinsic relationship between organizational culture and project resources, this is not true even in case of the most basic resource, that is the project team, it is usual that experts from outside are included in the team and the resource differs from project to project.

Given below is a template to help you answer the question

1. The organizational culture in Federal Express is such that rather than continue at perfect relatively narrow technical skill, employees are being encouraged to develop broader problem-solving, decision-making communicative and interpersonal competencies. Moreover, the organizational culture is reflected in the company's policies of performance evaluation ...

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