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Business Management

Bernie Madoff Case Study - Ponzi Schemes

If you were in the position to recommend an investment advisor, how would you make sure that you did not become the victim of a Ponzi scheme or other financial fraud?

Toyota Supply Chain

Technology advancements have fueled the global economy and impacted the ways in which businesses design their supply chains. One cup of Starbucks coffee is comprised of materials from various countries and represents numerous supplier relationships. In the age of the global village, designing supply chains is similar to conducti

Two diversification strategies

Define and give examples of the two diversification strategies. Use at least 200 words and cite any sources used in APA format

BCG Matrix, Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows, Dogs

In a BCG Matrix, all divisions are classified as either Question Marks, Stars, Cash Cows or Dogs. Define each of these terms and briefly discussion how you would apply the terms to strategic planning. Use atleast 200 words and cite any sources used in APA format.

Forward Integration as a Strategy

List and discuss some guidelines for when forward integration would be a particularly good strategy to pursue. Use at least 200 words and cite any sources in APA format.

Pesticides & Industry- EPA and private businesses

In the area of agricultural chemicals, the Environmental Protection Agency requires detailed labeling on cans of pesticides and herbicides. Generally speaking, the industry not only does not oppose these labeling requirements, but even supports government-sponsored education programs on how to use the these chemicals. Why?

Linear approximation profit maximization

Using the linear approximation system to estimate the profit maximizing price requires that the managers know the costs of production and: a. the production function b. one price and quantity of demand c. two prices and quantities of demand d. decision-making process of the marketplace

Economics: supply demand price and competition factors

1. The market for micro-computers (PCs) is fairly competitive, the products are somewhat homogeneous, and over time firms have entered looking to make profits on new configurations of the micro-computer. Over time, profits: a. have risen dramatically. b. have stayed about the same for most firms. c. have become ra

Functions of Control

Imagine a restaurant that is lacking any kind of control. Describe the negative and positive aspects of this environment and then answer the following question: Why is control necessary?

Legal and Ethical Accountability for Nonprofit Organizations

1. Can you explain at least two laws and two ethical guidelines you believe are most important to a nonprofit organization such as the American Red Cross? 2. Explain who is responsible for overseeing the legal and ethical compliance in a nonprofit organization, how those persons might enforce such compliance, and what actions m

Ethics Violence in Kentucky

Can you give an example of a legal or ethical violation related to governance or volunteerism made by a nonprofit organization in Kentucky. Why it was a violation, citing specific laws or ethical guidelines. Then describe at least two implications of the violation on the organization. Would you provide references please? Thanks

Whole Foods Market: Strategic Analysis

Conduct strategic analyses of Whole Foods Market and provide an independent, objective view of Whole Foods Market's current strategic position, including full information of Whole Foods Market's mission, vision and values. Identify its current set of strategic goals, and a critical assessment of the competition and the competiti

Small Business Decisions on Legal Agreements

What legal agreements are needed for the day-to-day management of a local/small business sandwich cafe? Why is it important to prepare an exit plan? Develop an exit strategy for the cafe.

Companies That Use Porter's Competitive Strategies

Can you identify companies that use Porter's competitive strategies? Before you begin writing your response to your discussion question you will need to do some research. Identify one or more companies that use the strategies listed below: - Lower cost strategy - Differentiation strategy - Cost leadership - Differentiation

Mechanistic vs organic

Would you rather work in a mechanistic or an organic organization? Why? Explain your response with specific details and examples.

Four Input Factors of the Nader Tushman Model

How can you determine congruence among the four Input factors of the Nader Tushman Model? These factors are: Environment (factors external to the organization); Resources (factors internal to the organization); Organizational history (Persistent Traditions); and Strategy (goals, objectives and strategic initiatives)

Competition vs. Conflict

Is conflict and competition the same when discussing in a group or intergroup setting? What types of strategies does a leader/manager have available to ensure that there are positive results from either conflict or competition within a group?

Business Decisions Protocol in a City Government

See the attached file. Ramon Smith is city manager of a midsize town in Louisiana. The cite that he is managing has run its own cafeteria for many years. The staff has been with the city for 20 to 30 years and is in their forties and fifties. The city's evaluation unit, at Romon's request, has conducted a study showing that g

T-Test One-Way ANOVA Branch of Service SPSS

See the attached file. Using the dataset attached kindly assist with the following: a. Purpose Statement: The purpose of this study is to determine if there is a significant difference between the number of Blacks who served in the armed services and the number of Whites who served in the armed services. b. Proposed Hyp

Costs of Skilled Nursing Facility vs Skilled Home Care

Building off the Part 1 you completed , part II will focus on the methodology/design to answer how the research question posed in Part I will be accomplished. Address why your approach was chosen versus another while addressing the following: 1. Participants (population, sample method, and sample size) - Include the strate

Franchise or Franchisee

Can someone explain Subways business model. I am having trouble deciding if it would be a better option to be the franchisee or the franchiser. Why? Thank you!

Differences between an Executive Director and Board of Directors

1. Can you explain differences in roles and responsibilities between an executive director and a board of directors and which relate to the board as a group or individual. 2. What could be the potential consequences of board/staff confusion of these roles. Could you provide examples and references please.

Downsizing for BlackBerry

Select and summarize an article from Business Week archives; Time, Fortune, or Forbes magazine; or the Wall Street Journal on the impact of downsizing within organizations. Discuss both the positive and the negative impact of downsizing on HRP. On the basis of the content of the article, provide a definition of downsizing

Responsibility of MLB with Regard to the Steroid Issue

Can you help with ideas & notes? Critique the responsibility of MLB with regard to the steroid issue. • Could MLB argue that it is not an enforcement agent, and it has no way of determining whether every player is using steroids at any given time? • Does this argument excuse any responsibility on the part of MLB? •

Governance Structures of Nonprofit Organizations

What are the similarities and differences between elements of governance structures in nonprofit organizations for executive committees, advisory committees, and standing committees? (references please). Include expert insight on governance in nonprofit organizations.

Conformity and Norms

As I understand groups, the norms associated with them, and how this influences conformity amongst the members. Can someone explain the factors that influence group members to conform to a group's norms, and when will they remain independent? Also, the members that do not conform to ones group norms ever succeed in influencin