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    Rationale of European Integration

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    Starting with the first part of the previous century, Europe had a growing economy, a flexible social structure, and a good educational system, which assisted the gradual development of modern industrialization. At first, the positive attitude toward industrial prosperity was limited to important personalities like Monnet, but this attitude eventually permeated most of the European societies. Gradually, over the subsequent years, the new spirit had gained social acceptance. Ordinary people started to believe in progress and accepted the need for industrial change; however, whenever a change actually presented itself, many Frenchmen loathed giving up some of their vested interest.

    Explain why Europe initially desired to form a regional trading bloc. Please include proper references and use specific examples.

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    Jean Monnet is an avid advocate of European unity and he was the the unifying force behind the birth of the European Union and founding father of integration.

    For the past centuries, attempts were made to unify Europe mostly by force. However, all these attempts were unsuccessful. However, there was no escaping the fact that to serve its interests Europe has to unite. A united Europe is a strong Europe, economically and culturally.

    By forging an agreement that membership with a united Europe was a voluntary act of qualified nations, membership blossomed. ...

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