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    Ethical Considerations For Innovation In an Organization

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    Senior leaders need to embed innovation in the organizational culture by creating policies and taking actions to support innovation. What ethical aspects would you consider when creating policies to support innovation? Identify all the stakeholders that would be affected by the innovative policies that you intend to create.

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    Innovative Policies
    Innovation, on one hand is important for organizations to create competitive advantage; on the other hand it is very risky. Unless serious attention is paid to ethical aspects of innovation, the result might be negative reaction by stakeholders which can result in failure of the entire concept of innovation.

    Any innovation project should have morally accepted ends which is judged based on benefits which would be sought from such a project. The benefits of innovative projects should be distributed with 'equal concern and respect' for all potential beneficiaries in accord with the basic principle of respect for human dignity ...

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    The document describes ethics in innovative policies and identifies different stakeholders that should be involved in the process.