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    Integrating Christian Faith and Values with Kao's Stewardship

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    "Tapping the world's innovation hotspots" (Kao, John, March 2009). Next, compare/contrast your views with Kao's view on the concept of stewardship and these types of opportunities. Where applicable speak to the integration of faith and Christian values to these management decisions.

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    Kao's Innovation Models
    Kao's view focuses on putting innovation at the top of every company's agendas. It is essential that these companies have access to the global market which can offer them talent, tax credits, capital and even regulatory relief. There are various emerging innovation models and there is always one which best suits the needs of each company. Among these models are the following:
    (1) Focused factory - countries focus on their resources to attract other companies to conduct research or join in and make some innovative discoveries with them;
    (2) Brute force model - countries apply huge amounts of low-cost labor and capital to offer more innovation opportunities;
    (3) Hollyworld - provision of more opportunities to gather and create a group of smart entrepreneurs that can attract other people of the same type or interest.
    (4) Large-scale ecosystems - developing innovation systems which is a combination of stewardship mechanisms, ...

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