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    Business management and work groups

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    I have been instructed to conduct research (research team examining the work groups) on a generic organization to determine factors that either enhance or inhibit group productivity. With that I chose a golf course organization. Before I invest much time in the research and writing, if someone can read and provide feedback with regards to role conflict and communication problems among the members of this group. How would I identify these areas If I had no clue what to look for. I appreciate any assistance.

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    In an organization industry, such as golf there are many different job roles and departments of interests to facilitate the overall business activity either for non-profit or profit. Therefore, the best option to examine generic organization to determining factors that can enhance or inhibit group productivity is in selecting certain job functions within the targeted organization; i.e. golf course organization with a focus on the golf course superintendents.

    The golf course superintendents holds an important role of oversight to the upkeep of the materials and financial resources required to care for the landscaped ...

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    The review into conflict communication within the golf industry.