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    Explaining Organizations in Sociology

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    Please help I don't understand the following questions can you please explain your answers, I am lost in this class!

    Cultural diversity,sociology of work, changes of activities, factors of stress, work completion, resistance in the workplace, barriers at work,function of culture, skill training

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    Dear Student,
    While I usually object to providing what seems to be an 'answer my homework' problem, on further inspection I have realized that you are genuinely lost in this particular subject and that your post is about finding out not only the right answer but also to find an explanation why they are so. Do not worry so much, these concepts are easy to understand. Collective behavior is about the social behavior of groups, hence it seems that somehow you are studying ...

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    The solution is a collection of questions from the sub-discipline 'Sociology of Work' answered and explained to help students in making sense of what seems at times to be complicated topics in the social sciences. Included in the discussion/explanations are the following: cultural diversity, management, social change, collective behaviour, groups, organizational culture and functions of culture in groups. The solution is attached as a word file containing guidance and references as well as links on the web to additional resources.