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    Evolution of Formal Organizations

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    - Explain how formal organizations have evolved over the past century. What differences were there in organizations a century ago, compared to today's organizations? What are the current trends in formal organizations?

    - Make an overall prediction based on your research results: how are formal organizations, such as Micah's, likely to evolve in the future?

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    Dear Student,

    I am quite familiar with this very problem based on Macionis' Sociology book (see figure 5.5 in your current Macionis text) The solution I created below is your guide in understanding the social dynamics, the differences and similarities as well as the relations and integration between bureaucratic organizations and open/flexible systems. I expanded the concept presented, using examples heavily to illustrate the relationship to you as I want you to see how it works. I tried to use familiar concepts as much as possible. Since this sociological ...

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    The solution is a comprehensive guide (attached as a word file) explaining the history and evolution of formal organizations over the centuries. By doing so, it relates the possible evolution of organizations in the future including that of a simulated character 'Micah' whose situation is detailed in the original attachment. References for further expansion are also listed.