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Business Management

Artful Negotiation

Review the Learning Exercise: Unhappy Co-Owners and address the following: a. Assuming your Best Alternative to a Negotiating Agreement (BATNA) is letting a court sell the property, discuss how it may help you reach an agreement. Recommend other strategies that you could use to accomplish a successful negotiation. b. Disc

Personal worldview and Research Mindset

Have you ever heard the expression that someone is "right-brained" or "left-brained"? This notion implies that there are multiple ways of viewing the world or of perceiving reality. How you perceive the world may influence your thinking and perspective in ways that go beyond the obvious. For a researcher, it is critical to recog

Operations Management - Push and Pull System

Your boss (Pisional VP) has just tasked you to provide him with your current best guess regarding the following items: Where are the opportunities to reduce finished goods inventories while maintaining (or improving) your current customer service levels? As the operations manager, how are your responsibilities tied into

Business Boiled Frog Phenomenon Case

1. Did the author explain the business boiled frog phenomenon case in a manner that you agree or disagree with? 2. Are there unanswered questions? 3. Can you add to the posts with more value added information? The following text will identify the "Boiling Frog" phenomenon often used in business as a metaphor for individua

Management and Leadership: Defining the Relationship

Need for office presentation needs to be at least three hundred words Consider the two individuals in the following scenario: Roger works for a business software firm and is passionate about his work. He is committed to delivering high-quality software solutions on schedule. He maintains a precise and accurate project schedu

time restraint need some help

After giving Jane a month to acclimatize herself to XYZ, and meet with all of the managers and front-line supervisors, you wanted to test her real understanding on a number of things, so you ask her to write a memo, addressed to you, covering all 3 of these issues: At least 2 ways in which managers and supervisors have to manag

time restraint

You plan to have breakfast with Jane on her very first day of work and want to discuss the following specific topics, keeping in mind that she has no experience with union labor relations issues. What led to unionization growing up through the 1950s? What are at least 3 major differences that HR must be aware of in unioni

Database System Design and Implementation

Can you help me locate information about the differences between SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2008? What do you think are the three most significant changes/improvements and why? How would the changes benefit you in using this updated version? Do you think it would be required to upgrade to the newer version and why? What d

Building and Managing Teams

Positive and negative communication techniques for conflict management 1. Characterize ways to improve communication 2. Give approaches to resolving conflict Building and managing teams: time management 1. Benefits of teams 2. Plan strategies.

Implementing Total Quality Management

How do you suggest that companies make successful changes of their organizational culture through incorporating initiatives for improving Total Quality Management? Give examples of initiatives that should be implemented and exercises that can be used to help this process. Describe the main factors that need to be present in orde

Balancing Organizational Team Needs with Individual Needs

Hello, this is a short discussion, and I need some assistance, the request is shown as following: 1. No words limit, but normally about 150-200 words. 2. Academic reference or citation from journal article is preferable 3. The subject is related TQM (total quality management) Question: There is no doubt that teamwork is a

The Application of Motivational Theories

Research motivational theories and choose a least three. Write ideas for a paper in which you discuss the principles behind the theories and present examples of their application in business today. Reference all sources using APA format.

Conflict Management Discussion

Whenever you are in conflict with someone, there is one factor that can make the difference between damaging the relationship and deepening it. The greatest factor that determines the outcome is attitude. How can you change your behavior or attitude to ensure that no one is offended by or could misinterpret your behavior to be c

Obesity & Income Level

Researchers have debated whether people are overweight because they are poor or are poor because they are overweight. How might these two factors affect each other? Please justify your response. 300 words with Reference

Cameron Balloon's business process and virtual simulation

As you recall, we are using a common basic format for most of the project assignments in all modules—that is, simulations. For our final excursion into simulation, we'll try something a bit different—it's less a game than a fairly complex look into a real enterprise. You have considerable latitude as to what parts of the

Coordination When Implementing a New System

operations and other aspects of the firm. ERP systems are supposedly effective agents for such coordination, but they are notoriously hard to implement and maintain. Less ambitious information technology initiatives may be easier to put into place, but often fail to achieve sufficient coordination. Clearly, being able to do do "

Information Flows and Financial Management

The Kuali Foundation is a very interesting cooperative venture developing financial information systems in the academic sector. As they describe themselves, The Kuali Foundation is a non-profit organization responsible for sustaining and evolving a comprehensive suite of administrative software that meets the needs of all Car

EEOC: Discrimination & Severely Obese

Search the EEOC website ( for the most recent weight or appearance cases. Summarize the most egregious case and settlement. What EEO law(s) applied to the case? What kind of organization was involved? Did the organization have a clear diversity program? What could the employee have done differently? What could the e

The Family Leave and Medical Act

The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provides minimum standards and levels of benefits for family and medical leaves. What rights do employees have under FMLA? Please discuss some specific inadequacies of FMLA. Provide examples to support your answer. 300 words

Racial Profiling of Arabs and Muslim Americans

Conduct an Internet search on racial profiling of Arabs and Muslims in the United States, and then answer the following questions. Given that the majority of Arabs in the United States are Christians, why is the perception that they are Muslims so widespread? Many people are profiled as being Arab or Muslim, when they are not. H

Google Strategic Diversification

1) Strategic recommendations and plans 2) The recommendation and plan should address a strategic issue 3) Recommendations and plans can be to align resources for a sustainable competitive advantage; and/or to enable resource alignment via organizational structure and management systems; and /or Other recommendations A) In

EEOC: Discrimination & Asian-Americans

Search the EEOC website ( for recent discrimination charges and settlements involving Asian Americans. Briefly describe the details of the cases (e.g., who was involved, what happened, and what was the outcome)? Do you agree with the outcome? Why, or why not? Support your answer.

Cause & Effect Diagram

A large farm produces a number of vegetables for sale to the highest bidder (usually buyers who aggregate the produce from lots of small farms and sell the produce to grocery store chains). The farm is receiving complaints about the quality of its produce. More specifically, complaints are being received about the produce being

Advisor to the Mayor

Address the following concerns in a response to the mayor: What methods may be utilized to build effective teamwork relationships among city employees? How may the city's values and motives help build teamwork? Describe communication factors that must be considered, so leaders and stakeholders are in agreement with the wate

Currency Depreciation of Foreign Exchange Markets

Identify an event or policy that could cause a sharp depreciation of the dollar in foreign exchange markets (so possibly 0 domestic inflation but a loss of value in the foreign exchange markets). Here you will need to think in terms of something other than money supply or money supply driven inflation, so wars, natural disaster

Workers with Disabilities and Aging Workers

What similarities exist between perceptions about the competence of and performance expectations for workers with disabilities and older workers? How are the two groups' employment experiences similar? How are they different?