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    Fleet Management Plan

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    I am working on project Fleet Management Strategy for next five year. I have contacted few suppliers to find what they can offer for Fleet management plan or strategy for next five years....

    As the supplier mentioned to provide in total fleet economics... so a plan or strategy that attempts to optimize cost of ownership (assets, maintenance, consumables, etc)....

    Supplier is providing least expensive analysis would be the creation of an excel tool that determines fleet replacement requirements as a function of mine plan tonnages, fleet efficiencies and end of life assumptions. Supplier saying that once completed then have the ability to enter varying tonnage and haul assumptions, future purchase costs, projected lift (if different from present), and fleet reliability assumptions to project your replacement regime....

    I do not know much about fleet management strategy.....Can anyone help... What can I ask the supplier to provide proposal for Fleet management plan or strategy.... what are the things required for fleet management strategy....If anyone can describe briefly.. And provide layout that I can approach to the supplier and request for proposal..... ....... Please let me know...........

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    There are various elements that need to be considered while formulating fleet management strategy. We need to formulate fleet management strategies and policies for areas such as selection and purchase of vehicles, usage and replacement of vehicles, strategies and plans to ensure compliance with environmental and occupational health/safety regulations, etc. Various decisions have to be taken in each of the above mentioned areas. For example, we need to select and purchase those vehicles that offer superior combination of performance and fuel efficiency along with low maintenance costs. The supplier or vendor will outline the steps or procedures for efficient procurement of vehicles, such as the tender or bidding system for inviting bids from vendors, etc.

    Further, the supplier or vendor being considered to provide fleet management solution has to provide ...

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