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Ethical Considerations for Foreign Country Operations

What are ethical considerations a business would need to evaluate before making a profit in a foreign country? What would be a good example of this?

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There are two primary, ethical considerations a business must evaluate before making a profit in a foreign country: wages and working conditions. In many foreign countries, there are no minimum wage standards nor governing agency to act as "watchdog" in how employees are paid. If a business has a policy regarding compensation strategies, such as paying employees at least 90% of the comparative job market for similar positions and valuing longevity via some form of additional pay incentive, these foundations should not be ...

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This solution is over 300 words and includes on a reference, on two critical considerations any business must have when branching into production within a foreign country: employee compensation and working conditions. The business must decide at what "expense" it is willing to go for a profit. The solution analyzes what is often viewed as "norms" in foreign countries when it comes to employee treatment, versus what is right.