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    Analyzing Object Oriented Applications

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    Arrays and control structures are valuable tools when programming. An array contains a number of variables all being the same data type. Control structures such as selection and repetition constructs enable programmers to define variations in program flow depending upon certain conditions which may even involve repeating statements. Using the Online Library, the Internet, and all course materials, research arrays and control structures.

    Can you recall a personal situation where you needed to store information in a worksheet of rows and columns?
    What was that situation and how would you approach solving it using control constructs and arrays?
    Would you need to use selection constructs or repetition constructs?
    What would your code look like? I can do this part

    In your own words, Can you give me a substantive response to the questions?

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    I currently have to keep a spreadsheet with student names, class, days til calls are due, number of assignments completed per week, and grades on those assignments. Using the proper constructs and arrays I can quickly decide what classes are having the most problems. An array would help me pinpoint the ...

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    A short discussion using an example of teacher call sheet to note what array might be needed or what type of construct would be needed for these purposes.