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    Dynamo Corporation Case Analysis

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    See attached on a case study about the Dynamo Corporation and answer the following questions:

    1. Is the sodium bicarbonate market a good one for Dynamo to enter? Is there room for a new entrant? Use analytical frameworks learned in the course to evaluate the market environment.
    2. Given that the company wants to forward integrate and it seems attractive, which market entry alternatives should be considered and why? Are there any other alternatives not discussed in the case that should be considered?

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    Given that the company plans to compete on price by adopting a cost leadership strategy (about 67% lower than other producers) and that the market's decision point is not centered on price, it appears that the market's sodium bicarbonate's buying behavior and the strategy of the company in producing and selling this product do NOT match. In this regard, I ...

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    An analysis for the Dynamo Corporation case which pertains to the company's decision on whether to enter the sodium bicarbonate market or not.