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    Deckers Outdoor:

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    Evaluate various Organizational Diagnosis (OD) models and Open Systems Theory and determine the best one to use for Deckers Outdoor Corporation

    BACKGROUND: Case 1 is about understanding OD models and applying them to the Deckers Outdoor Corporation, which is identified as a leading company in Forbes' 2010 Best Small Companies. The purpose of a Case is to make an argument for a Claim about the specific situation in the Case assignment. Stephen Toulmin has developed an Argument Methodology that is very useful in Making a Case.

    ASSIGNMENT: Make a Case for which OD model you think is the best for doing an OD analysis for Deckers Outdoor Corporation based on several current issues the company is facing. Identify these current issues through research about Deckers Outdoor Corporation. There are several parts to this analysis.

    KEYS TO THE ASSIGNMENT: As the warrant for the case, explain the purpose and the value of conducting an OD diagnosis.

    Evaluate each of the models presented by Falletta. Omit Falletta's Org Intel model. Do NOT merely describe the models. ID their strengths and weaknesses, and specifically indicate what type of organizational problem or functional area would benefit from an analysis using each eleven models.

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    The first is the Force Field Analysis model. The model addresses radical changes in the model. However, it does not give direction to the organization because it does not control the end state. It is good for firms that want to move from the present state but is not suitable for Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

    The second is a simple model by Leavitt. The strong points of this model are the four variables it provides. This model is suitable for firms that want to change task, structure, people, and technology. In short firms that are seeking all round change will find it useful. This is a holistic model. Not suitable for Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

    The third is systems analysis by Likert. He describes four types of system from exploitative authoritative to the participative group. His proposition that the participative group system is the desirable system. This is a weakness of the model and so is not suitable for Deckers Outdoor Corporation.

    The fourth is Katz and Kahn's open systems model. This has emphasized the environment- organization interaction. The weaknesses are that it does not give the factors that the managers must consider nor does it evaluate performance when considering the environment.

    The fifth is the Six Box ...

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