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Operations management problems and reasons

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What are some common errors you encounter at each of the following businesses? How might poor operations management cause these types of errors?

a. Coffee Shop:

b. Airport:

c. Restaurant:

d. Electronics Store:

e. Carpet Cleaners:

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I have given you some ideas and some notes about the poor operations management reasons I consider important for each.

a. Coffee Shop:
Orders taking too long. Orders filled, but incorrect. Long lines. Out of product.
Operations should be reviewing the training of the employees to make sure they understand the important of working quickly, but effectively in this type of establishment. Long lines mean there is slow service and not enough people working.
Out of product is store management not doing their job, watching their inventories, not instituting proper procedures for identifying and notifying of limited available product before it becomes a problem. Getting better suppliers ...

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Using the supplied entities, a review of operations management problems and reasons is provided. The common errors that might be encountered at different businesses is determined. How poor operations management causes these types of errors is given.

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