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    Is Information Technology making society dumber?

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    Nicholas Carr wrote several articles that discussed how information technology is making society less educated over time because we are continuously relying on computers more and more over time. Provide 3 pages of information (not including references) in the form of an argument explaining how information technology is or isn't making us less educated. Support this argument with relevant facts and provide 2 references.

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    Information technology is not making us less educated. First, the availability of information has made human beings improve in fluid intelligence. This means their ability to process complex information quickly and effectively has increased. Second, information technology has increased the capacity of people to connect to a place where they can retrieve the answer to a problem. Our minds have not remained receptacles for static knowledge. The ability to process complex knowledge has increased and the ability to use technological advances has also expanded.

    Information technology has changed the nature of education. Individuals need to evaluate what information they need to keep in their minds and what information can be left in the cloud to be accessed when required (1). This requires continuous evaluation of information. Further, information technology has developed the ability of learners to innovate. The learners are in a better position to know what came before. Similarly, learners are better able to collaborate. Information technology makes it possible to have across the globe collaborations based on the exchange of knowledge and information. Also, information technology has improved our ability to innovate. Now it is relatively easy to compare new information with knowledge that has already been mastered.
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