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    Ethics, stress, and technology

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    Now I have decided to add another section to my big project. I want to evaluate the following trends in organizational behavior:

    a. The influence of ethics on decision making

    b. The impact of technology on work-related stress

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    Ethics and technology related stress

    Ethics has become a big subject in recent years with the downfall of Enron and Qwest among others. Martha Stewart and the management of a number of other major corporations have been under scrutiny as well, going to trial for what some deemed unethical behavior.

    What is the problem with making ethical decisions in business? For some it is the greed that comes with power and the ability to control the finances and systems within an organization. For others it is the use of power to make their lives comfortable and show others their power. For a few people it is another person's power and how those others might use their power that causes fear. Enron, leading to the disintegration of the corporation, coerced Arthur Andersen management into making decisions that were detrimental and illegal.

    When people use the money earned by the labors of others, ethical decisions should be made. It is not the management's money, but rather the investors' who have an expectation of returns on their investment. In the case of Enron, the collapse plus loss of pensions for workers who had believed in their company, led many into bankruptcy.

    Now the FASB has new laws to help with transparency a key to ...

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