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    Television Does It Benefit Modern Society

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    Write 500-750 words argumentative/persuasive essay that argues either that television is one of the worst inventions of modern times or that television is a benefit to modern society.

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    Television Does It Benefit Modern Society
    Television has change the fabric of society, made our children heavier, less intelligent and more violent. While this statement seems broad, it certainly fits the medium. According to the A.C. Nielson Company, the average American watches more than five hours of television each day (Enoch, 2016). That translates into 35 hours a week, or better than two months of nonstop viewing per year. In essence a 65-year-old man may have spent more than 9 years of his life in front of his box. The average 18-year-old has seen more than 200,000 violent acts, and the average child will watch 8000 murders before finishing grade school. With these statistics in mind let me focus on my opening statement.
    Television and Obesity
    According to research conducted at the University of Michigan, just being awake and in the room with a TV for more than two hours a day became a risk factor for childhood obesity (Boyse, RN, 2010). When children watch TV they are inactive, and they have a higher tendency to want to snack as they watch. This combination translates into weight problems. In addition, two-thirds of the 20,000 TV ads are for foods that encourage unhealthy eating habits, are high in ...

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