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Crocs: Revolutionizing an Industry’s Supply Chain Model

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How has Crocs redesigned its production process to meet the explosive demand the company has experienced since its inception?

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Crocs was able to cultivate a new innovative production strategy that was unheard prior to their use of this strategy, which they developed into a new supply chain that provided the company with a competitive advantage. Traditionally, industry practice entailed retailers using the placement of large bulk orders for each season's inventory, which were placed many months in advance providing the company with little ability to adjust to changes during the selling season. The Crocs model bucked ...

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This solution discusses how Crocs has redesigned its production process to meet the explosive demand.

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Crocs Supply Chain and Competitive Advantage

Read the Stanford Graduate School case study, Crocs: Revolutionizing an Industry's Supply Chain Model for Competitive Advantage

Answer the study questions below in depth:

1) What are Croc's core competencies?

2) How do they exploit these competencies in the future? Consider the following
a. Further vertical integration into materials
b. Growth by acquisition
c. Growth by product extension

3) To what degree do the alternatives in Question 2 fit the company's core competencies,
and to what degree do they defocus the company away from its core competencies?

4) How should Crocs plan its production and inventory? How would the company's gross
margins affect this decision?

5) Think of a Croc competitor. How does their supply chain process compare and contrast?

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