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Types of Strategies in the Global and International Markets

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In today's global marketplace, international strategies are needed for many organizations to move forward. Which strategies do you think are most important and why?

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Please find below my research on the 4 international strategies and their description to help you respond to your homework. There are four strategies and choose which among them are most important based on their description.

Global strategy is used when the company emphasizes the need to gain economies of scale and the same products are being offered in each of their markets outside of their base country. However, there may be minor modifications to the products and services in some of their markets. The headquarters have strong control over their global markets and the product designs are made according to their standards. There is a strong need for communication and control in these other markets under their management.

A company using a ...

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This solution discusses 4 types of business strategies in the global/international markets with examples.