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Write an essay (5-pages) reflecting on how Information Systems can positively impact a change work processes in healthcare, and review the obstacles to implementing a change work process.

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Information system has the potential to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of health care. People who started this information system has the promise the quality and efficiency gains. Given IT potential, both the private and public sectors have engaged in numerous efforts to promote its use within and across health care settings.

The degree of IT use varies by health care setting: Pharmacies are generally advanced users, while others settings such as physician offices or nursing homes are far behind them. The kind of technology used by both of them varies. For example, in home health, the use of technology that allows patients to monitor their own vital signs from their home and give results to the agency could increase the ability to address a problem before a patient requires acute care. In both home health and nursing home settings, use of handheld computers to complete documentation and capture patient assessment information can increase efficiency and provide more information to care givers. IT and the Internet have also had a significant impact on consumers. Numerous websites have made health information more available to patients, strengthening their role in healthcare decisions.

Health Information Technology Important because of the following ...

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