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Effectively Investigating Budget Variance

A little help please...this is not an essay!! Answer and give brief explanation.

According to White (2012), the root cause of a budget variance should be investigated in a methodical manner. Critically discuss the basic steps for investigating a budget variance. (400 words)

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In providing guidance for this posting, the methodical manner and basic steps for investigating a budget variance would begin with a careful comparison of the variance data with the actual budget numbers. Although this may seem like a common sense step, it is one of the most fundamental and crucial steps that must be taken in investigating a budget variance, due to the fact that there must be a high level of accuracy in ascertaining that a variance does actually exist, and the actual magnitude of the overall given variance. This is a very important aspect of this step, due to the fact that making the determination as to the magnitude to which the ...

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This solution describes effectively investigating budget variance.