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Risks in IT, data, and systems security

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Prepare a 3- to 5-page paper that identifies the possible risks to an organization in each of the following outsourcing situations: a) the use of an external service provider for your data storage; b) the use of an enterprise service provider for processing information systems applications such as a payroll, human resources, or sales order taking; c) the use of a vendor to support your desktop computers; and d) the use of a vendor to provide network support. The paper will include a risk mitigation strategy for each situation.

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The possible risks to an organization in each of the following outsourcing situations:

a) the use of an external service provider for your data storage;
As a rule, the choice of a data storage provider must include safety checks, past problems, and the trust value of the company. Companies that provide external storage for data, are subject to compromise by external hackers, internal employees, and technology failures. Having data available through online or offline methods are also problematic.

One area, often not considered it the financial stability of the company providing the storage service. A company that goes out of business or changes operations can also limit or prevent access to needed data.

The best way to mitigate these issues is to do a thorough background check and research a company then compare with other like companies. Make sure the company offers a service level agreement with costs, data access information, time for answering customer inquiries, and what happens to data if the company closes. Having an exit strategy is important for data storage companies, since they literally hold the life of other companies ...

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A look at some of the risks and ways to mitigate it within ER, storage, vendors, and networks.

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