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    Object-Oriented Applications

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    In order to build solid software, it must have a strong foundation. This is where software architecture comes in. By using the Online Library, the Internet, Can you help me research software architecture?

    How do you envision software architecture aiding you as a software architect in addressing requirements such as performance and security? Discuss whether you believe if software architecture is a tool for solving programming problems. Justify your position as to whether software architecture adds value or not in the design and development of applications. Explain aspects of the software architect role that you would enjoy performing.

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    I have completed the questions in an essay that you will need to personalize. I did not include aspects of the role I would enjoy performing because I cannot think of any.

    Software architecture is not only the structure within which the various components of the software is built, but also the discipline for creating the structure and the documentation of the software and its structure. The ability of the structure to flex to add levels of security and information ...

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