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    Management Theory and Practice

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    Select one of the management theories in the textbook, explain the elements that are the foundation of the management theory you selected, and how the theory identifies the roles and skills of the manager. Additionally, describe three management skills necessary for the effective management of an organization. Outline three management roles in relation to the management of people and organizational processes.

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    Plunkett, W. R., Allen, G. S., & Attner, R.F (2013). Management: Meeting and exceeding customer expectations (10th ed.). Mason, OH : South-Western Cengage Learning.

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    Management is one of the most valuable entities within an organization as a result; the role of management is all encompassing in which they are required to know more than their fair share of daily responsibilities. Not only should management understand intrinsic operations within the parameters of delegation, development, and bookkeeping, management must also acknowledge ethical implications for each decision. "Abraham Maslow published his theories about personality and motivation, which suggested that motivation, is an inner drive to obtain a personal goal. Depending upon the individual, goals addressed physiological, safety, esteem, belonging, and "doing the very best possible" needs" (Ninemeier and Hayes, 2006).
    Managers must understand how to converse with staff members in a respectable and responsible manner as to not offend anyone. In today's society, managers must be culturally sensitive to avoid biases. For example, during my Master's of Fine Art's program one of my mentor's informed the class how important it is to be accepting of all people, in terms of the entertainment industry, she was mostly referring to the LGBT community. The reason my mentor mentioned this community is because most of the leaders in production and development are either members of the LGBT community or strong supporters of the community, therefore if we (my class) plan to sell screenplays we should be culturally sensitive. This is perhaps one of the most challenging ethical dilemmas management might face. For example, what should a manager with strong religious views do if they lead subordinates who are affiliated with the LGBT community?

    Management may face serious challenges, for example, HR managers may participate in hiring new staff members. On the surface the managers are searching for individual who are an organizational fit with the organization. There are employees who get along exceptionally well with other workers and managers, alike. Unfortunately, management only hired one dominant race, thus alienating other ethnicities that possess the same qualifications as the selected dominate race. Several years ago management was simply a specialized staff function, management, during my previous organization had multipurpose functions such as legal requirements for hiring decisions. When I worked in the ...

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    This problem solution evaluates the most common leadership theories and the role of management in organizations. We will discover how the responsibilities of management have evolved over the years. This problem solution is based on a reflection of previous work experience and various management styles of leaders.