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Structural framework models

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Lets say that our company is interested in better understanding its available options for organizing its customer-facing projects. Research a software framework that includes waterfall, prototyping, agile, extreme programming etc

Research your framework(s).
•What elements are common?
•What elements differ?
•Using them as examples, discuss what would lead you to classify a given framework as a project life cycle, a product life cycle, or a systems development life cycle.

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Waterfall model: Focuses on the early planning of a system. It is an older model and is used in the government and major companies. Flaws are expected to be within the design, not within the framework or data input. Document and planning are primary features of the waterfall and therefore projects where quality and control are issues find this framework the best. The model establishes the hardware and software tools and essentials like plug in boards, acquisition speed, software requirements, and the analysis interactions needed. This is why it is considered planning intensive. It does not define the structure of each component, which can become a problem later. Waterfalls are easy to understand and implement because they are widely known and used. It emphasizes the define before rule in both design and code. It is a planning structure, so deliverables and milestones are an advantage as are the document standards. It is not good in realized situations. When software is added late to structure, it can delay finding errors. It is also document driven, but difficult to make ...

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A discussion of different structural frameworks for development including agile, extreme programming, prototyping, and waterfall. Reference included.

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