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Contract creation and management simulation

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Please read the transcript and complete the contract creation. Then both, the transcript and the contract creation to answer the question below.

1. Write responses to the decision points embedded in the simulation.

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Based on a car purchase scenario, the components of a contract creation are evaluated in this solution.

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Run the "Contract Creation and Management" Simulation on your own before meeting with your Learning Team. Identify the elements of a contract and specify where (or if) they are present in the simulation.
Divide the Learning Team into two sides, one representing the party needing the software and the other representing the party designing the software. Each party should identify its needs and risks given the situation. Working together, both parties should create mutually agreed upon contract provisions, including a provision to resolve contract disputes, that would allow both parties to meet their needs and minimize their risks. Also keep in mind the need to design a process to accommodate changes in the project scope or timetable. Create a Word document with the five revised provisions (performance, change control, communications and reporting, project structure, and dispute resolution) for a contract that, if it had been executed initially, would have addressed the needs of both parties and minimized their risks.

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