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    Quality in an organization

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    How might the definition of quality apply to an organization you know? Provide examples of consumers, external customers and internal customers, and ways in which their expectations can be met or exceeded. Do you feel the organization is applying the principles of quality? Why or why not?

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    Quality is defined in many different ways depending on the individual. Quality for some is perceived by the durability, construction or how well made an item is. For others, quality is value based, and the focus is more on what they are receiving for their money. Focusing on the former, quality for consumers is often about finding items that will last a long time, have a good brand reputation, might cost more but in turn come with more benefits. Toyota is a brand that many people would describe as a quality brand. For consumers they are receiving a range of vehicles that are in the middle tier of prices, options and ...

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    Quality within an organization as perceived by internal and external consumers are examined. The organization in applying the principles of quality are given.