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    Goshe corporation

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    1. What are the major problems in the case study?
    2. Was the company committed to project management?
    3. Was project management forced upon the organization?
    4. Did Goshe jump blindly into project management, or was there a gradual introduction?
    5. Did the company consider the problems that could manifest themselves with the implementation of change (i.e. morale)?
    6. Did the company have a good definition of project management?
    7. Should there have been a new set of company policies and procedures when the MIS group was developed?
    8. How were project deadlines established?
    9. Who established responsibilities for resource management?
    10. Was there an integrated planning and control system?

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    Step 1
    The major problems in the case study are that there are conflicts and personality clashes among the departments involved in the MIS projects. Further, the projects are between one and three months behind. There is a deteriorating relationship between the functional departments and MIS personnel. The MIS team on the other hand had been given a list of fifteen MIS projects that had to be completed within very short/unrealistic time schedules. Further, the MIS department was understaffed by 35 percent.

    Step 2
    The company was not committed to project management. The EDP Department was made the MIS division and the division was asked to use the project management methodology. The new division was between one and three months behind schedule on almost all projects. The cost accounting department claimed that the HR department had not given them any project management training. There was little training provided about the behavioral aspects of project management. The company was not prepared to a reconciliation of different personalities, and different attitudes. The MIS on the other hand had been given a list of fifteen high priority projects all of which had to be completed within unrealistic time period.

    Step 3
    Project management was forced upon the organization. First, the MIS was given a list of fifteen ...

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