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5 Stages to Solving Complex Problems

Wheatley proposes five stages to solving complex problems. From a managerial perspective, reflect upon a situation you have experienced or are currently experiencing that involves conflict in your work environment. Consider applying Wheatley's model to your professional situation. Would this model be effective in resolving your specific professional challenge? Why or why not? How might you alter the process to better suit your circumstances? Is there another component you would suggest to make this a more viable problem-solving model?

5 stages to solving complex problem listed below:

1. Cooling, quieting
2. Enriching through Fruitful Opposition
3. Magnetizing Resources
4. Precise Destroying
5. Intelligent Action

This website (http://www.margaretwheatley.com/articles/solvingnotattacking.html) may be helpful.

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Step 1
My professional situation is that two work-teams in my workplace consistently perform below standard. Their production level is below target. Their poor production is adversely affecting my own performance. Wheatley's model is not appropriate to resolving this challenge. Her first step is cooling /quieting. The team leaders when they meet me are never arguing with me. They are calm and composed. Fruitful opposition or returning to the source of conflict is not of much use. Both the parties know exactly what the conflict is about. Magnetizing resources means that if opposing magnetic poles are ...

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