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    Solving several questions on complex numbers

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    These questions involve trigonometry, complex numbers, polar equations, and parametric equations. See below for the problems I require assistance with, and refer to the attachments to find details regarding those problems.

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    p. 357 #61,

    p. 358 #81

    p 359, #115

    p. 364 #27

    p, 365 #41

    p. 370 #13

    p. 371, #43, #45

    p. 390 #77

    p. 391, #81

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    Please check attachment. I answered all the questions in the attached word file.

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    p. 357 #61

    p. 358 #81

    p 359, #115
    Total impedance is (50+15i)+(60+17i)=110+32i

    p. 364 #27

    p, 365 #41

    p. 370 #13 ...

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    The solution gives detailed steps on solving several questions on complex numbers including polar coordinate, rectangular coordinate and complex standard form.