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potential points of conflict within group process

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What are potential points of conflict within each stage of the group process? What methods of conflict resolution work best at the various stages?

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As you note potential points of conflict within each stage of the group process, I am using Tuckman's Stages of Group Development:

"1. Forming: The group comes together and gets to initially know one other and form as a group.
2. Storming: A chaotic vying for leadership and trialing of group processes
3. Norming: Eventually agreement is reached on how the group operates (norming)
4. Performing: The group practices its craft and becomes effective in meeting its objectives.
5. Adjourning: The process of "unforming" the group, that is, letting go of the group structure and moving on"

I feel that from my experience ...

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This solution briefly lists potential points of conflict within each stage of the group process.

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