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Career management: take-overs, downsizing, and the stress

In an era of mergers, take-overs, downsizing, and the stress associated with 70+ hour work weeks, why might an employee have the the new "mercenary employment philosophy" that says "..I'm a full time consultant and my current full time employer just happens to be my biggest client right now..." Thus, this mercenary philosophy ends ongoing formal ties with an employer that has traditionally existed and empowered the "psychological contract" replacing those ties with a "I can leave this company anytime I want philsophy."

Please provide at least two references.

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I think this new philosophy has taken off because of all the downsizing, mergers, etc. that has occurred over the course of the last 1.5 decades. In one word I'll sum it up....loyalty....employers don't seem to have any for employees nowadays, so why should employees hold it for their employers? Back in the day it wasn't unheard of for employees to retire after being at the same company ...

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The solution discusses take-overs, downsizing and the stress in career management.